Woman Reading A Letter by Oil Lamp (1790). Kitagawa Utamaro.
A winter party. Utagawa Toyoharu.


"The Sloths!!! Spreading music and love, very very slowly."

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“Ya que vas a escribir, dijo,
cuenta de mi pueblo,
pobreza y dolor sólo trajo el progreso,
la cultura de la traición y los indios en los museos.”
Lo frágil de la locura, Despedazado por mil partes (1996), La Renga.
“Déjate atravesar por la realidad
y que ella grite en tu cabeza
porque es muy malo dejar pasar
por un costado a la historia esta
porque es muy malo dejar pasar
por un costado a la historia esta”
La historia esta, IV LP (1978), León Gieco.


Detail 23




Dreams (1990) dir. Akira Kurosawa


my brother is my favourite person in the world, i love him with my entire heart. i am fiercely protective and immensely proud of him. we grew up together and i want us to continue to grow up together - i want to see him graduate, i want to be there at his wedding, i want to be a part of his future children’s lives. 

i want children who will be as close as me and my brother are. i want kids whose light and happiness shines out of their eyes. i want my future children to have that unrestrained joy that only children have, when they think everything in their life is perfect and magical, when birthday cakes and celebrations are the highlight of their year. 

this is what i’m fighting for. this is why i choose recovery every single day

~Plan B (2009) ~ Marco Berger. (x)